Who is this guy?

Started out playing clarinet as a child, then moving to bass as a teenager. Not long after that I began experimenting with turntables, tapes, sampling and broken electronics,  touching on my favourite musical genres including metal, film music, dub, hip-hop, jazz, funk & experimental.

I have been making my own ‘albums’ since 1995 and have about 90 or so in my catalogue (although it is hard to be sure…).

When not at home making noise, I’m playing bass in numerous original and cover bands.

Some original projects/acts I’ve been involved with include:

  • Chewed Food (co-founder/leader/composer)
  • Adam Pringle Band (co-founder/composer)
  • AM Frequencies (founder/leader/composer)
  • Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods (co-Musical Director/composer)
  • Burn (session)
  • Steve Clark [Died Pretty] (session)
  • Jenny Marie Lang
  • Slimey Things (permanent member)
  • Billy Liar (founder/leader/composer)
  • Leroy (session)
  • Kahootz (co-composer)
  • Rob Susz and The Continental Blues Party (session)

plus many more…

I’m always up for collaborating with other musicians/composers so if interested contact me.

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