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PISSFARM – ‘Virus’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 7"]

Pissfarm is another one-off project by Andrew Mortensen. With this project, he gets-in-touch with his ‘aggressive’ side and takes influences from early Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, early-The Dillinger Escape Plan & other hardcore/grindcore acts. An EP is planned for sometime … Continue reading

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DEATH BREATH featuring PONTIFF BENFUNK THE THUGNIFICANT – ‘Nixon’s Revenge’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 6"]

“What do you get if you combine Toe To Toe, A.C, Boredoms and GN’R, plus the sounds of squeaking drills? Probably horrible shite, and that’s exactly what Death Breath was.” – Some guy, 1999 DEATH BREATH was a noise/punk band … Continue reading

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BATTLE POPE – “The Holy Trinity: Bitches, Dicks and Gonorrhea” – Debut Album, FREE

BATTLE POPE – “The Holy Trinity: Bitches, Dicks and Gonorrhea” They’ve been described as sounding a little like “Little Richard wildly fucking Blood Duster, Captain Cleanoff and Elvis at a hedonist coke orgy”. Now you can experience the sexual wonder … Continue reading

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DYKE DESTROYER – “Illuminasty”

DYKE DESTROYER – “Illuminasty” After a year in hibernation, the all powerthrustful Dyke Destroyer are back with a new album of choas, titled “Illuminasty”. Dyke Destroyer 17 tracks of pure progressive-gauzecorefunk. You’ve been warned! DOWNLOAD HERE Genre: noise/free-improv/avant-gauzecore/please-make-it-stop 1. Blood … Continue reading

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‘Re-fleshed: Volume 5′ – about to begin release

The remix project is still going but due to various other projects and participants schedules, there is no definite track listing for ‘Volume 5′. Keep watching this space to see the Volume 5 tracks uploaded as they are completed by … Continue reading

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R.I.P – Scott James McCotter

Vocalist/lyricist/drummer Scott McCotter suddenly died on 10 January, 2012. Scott was the main drummer of noise/punk/grindcore band Death Breath.. In 2001 he gained public attention in the Sydney underground music scene as the vocalist/lyricist of the bizarre rock/metal band Chewed … Continue reading

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NACHURARU DOTE – ‘仮病 (Sick Day)’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 4"] Nachuraru Dote (ナチュラルドテ) is an all-girl trio from Osaka/Tokyo, Japan. Their music is a mix of grindcore, messy punk, 60′s pop and J-Pop. They also incorporate elements of traditional Japanese music as well as experimental noise music. Formed in … Continue reading

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ButterKnifeNinja ButterKnifeNinja is a project that RupertG (of Rupert Goes Shopping) and I started in late 2007 (yes, quite some time ago). From memory, it started out with RupertG showing me a possible RGS track, asking me what I thought, … Continue reading

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