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KURUSHIMI – Revel in the anguish.

Kurushimi (aka ‘ViA: Kurushimi’ or ‘苦しみ’) is a new project from Serious Beak bassist Andrew Mortensen. The group plays a mix of completely improvised grindcore, free-jazz & experimental rock/noise. It comes under the umbrella of the Violence In Action splinter* … Continue reading

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INVADER – ‘Legion of Ellosis’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 5"]

Invader is one of the latest projects of Andrew Mortensen. The project was an avenue for Andrew to explore some metal based compositions that didn’t fit into other projects. The project takes influences from Devin Townsend projects, Meshuggah, Animals As … Continue reading

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SLIMEY THINGS As always, there will be shows happening in 2011 with new songs and new gags. There’s also some interesting, exciting and different things on the cards. Lips sealed until something is in concrete. There’s also the possibility of … Continue reading

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A few months ago I joined ‘grindingmetalproglatinjazz’ band SERIOUS BEAK. Serious Beak came from the ‘ashes’ (more an evolution than a death) of technical-grindcore band Ebolie . The band is currently a four-piece without vocals, but the guys are open … Continue reading

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CTS – ‘MWFS (Zim mix)’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 2"]

CJ Highley is the guitarist/composer/leader of an upcoming death metal project from the United States. CTS are currently working on a demo, and plan on it being released late 2010. 02 – CTS – ‘MWFS (Zim mix)’ save original song … Continue reading

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