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KURUSHIMI – Revel in the anguish.

Kurushimi (aka ‘ViA: Kurushimi’ or ‘苦しみ’) is a new project from Serious Beak bassist Andrew Mortensen. The group plays a mix of completely improvised grindcore, free-jazz & experimental rock/noise. It comes under the umbrella of the Violence In Action splinter* … Continue reading

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AM FREQUENCIES featuring MOZ TRONIQUZ – ‘Weathermen’s Crow Museum’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 7"]

AM Frequencies is one of the music outlets of Andrew Mortensen. AM Frequencies has covered many genres including noise, experimental, dub, rock, ambient, film music, hip-hop, metal and electronica. This track is one of a number of self-’reversionings’ that are … Continue reading

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SCUM-JERKS INC. – ‘Seeds of shRed’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 7"]

Scum-Jerks Inc. Morts & Dawesy. Two jerks, making ‘music’. 12 – Scum-Jerks Inc. – ‘Seeds of shRed’ DOWNLOAD the original song from ‘Fleisch’ 12. SCUM-JERKS INC. – Seeds of shRed Produced, performed and arranged by Andrew Mortensen with Simon Dawes. … Continue reading

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INVADER – ‘Sweet Taste of Victory’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 7"]

Invader is one of the latest projects of Andrew Mortensen. The project was an avenue for Andrew to explore some metal based compositions that didn’t fit into other projects. The project takes influences from Devin Townsend projects, Meshuggah, Animals As … Continue reading

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AM FREQUENCIES featuring MICK KASLIK and LACHLAN DALE – ‘In My Dream’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 7"]

ADRIFT FOR DAYS ADRIFT FOR DAYS is a five-piece band from Sydney, Australia, specialising in fuzzed-out psychedelic doom-drone. Both live and on record, the band take the listener off into a smoked-out dream-world. Formed in late 2008, the band was … Continue reading

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PISSFARM – ‘Virus’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 7"]

Pissfarm is another one-off project by Andrew Mortensen. With this project, he gets-in-touch with his ‘aggressive’ side and takes influences from early Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, early-The Dillinger Escape Plan & other hardcore/grindcore acts. An EP is planned for sometime … Continue reading

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DEATH BREATH featuring PONTIFF BENFUNK THE THUGNIFICANT – ‘Nixon’s Revenge’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 6"]

“What do you get if you combine Toe To Toe, A.C, Boredoms and GN’R, plus the sounds of squeaking drills? Probably horrible shite, and that’s exactly what Death Breath was.” – Some guy, 1999 DEATH BREATH was a noise/punk band … Continue reading

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DEATH VALLEY BURIAL GROUND – Prophet of Doom (Tom Sibren van Iersel mix) ["Re-fleshed - Volume 6"]

Death Valley Burial Ground is a recent project of Andrew Mortensen. With Death Valley Burial Ground, Andrew explores the dark and atmospheric genre known as ‘doom/drone’. Taking inspiration from other acts from the genre as well as blues, and one … Continue reading

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DÖD – ‘Misstanke’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 6"]

Död is a black metal project by Andrew Mortensen. It started out not very serious, but after writing a number of songs, he was quite impressed with how they sounded. December 2012 saw the release of the debut double-disc album … Continue reading

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