AM FREQUENCIES – ‘Almost Pure (Broken Mix)’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 8"]

AM Frequencies is one of the music outlets of Andrew Mortensen.
AM Frequencies has covered many genres including noise, experimental, dub, rock, ambient, film music, hip-hop, metal and electronica.
This track is one of a number of self-remixes that are part of the “Re-Fleshed Project”.

02 – AM Frequencies – ‘Almost Pure (Broken Mix)’


the original song from ‘Fleisch’

02. AM FREQUENCIES – Almost Pure (Broken Mix)
Produced, recorded & mixed at AM Frequencies between August 2013 and October 2014 by Andrew Mortensen.
Jacob Cook turntables recorded at Bannerman Studios sometime in 2000.
Andrew Mortensen: keyboards, programming, scratches
Jacob Cook: turntables
© 2014 Andrew Mortensen

Another remix done as an homage to a fellow artist I love & respect.
In this case, local drummer/composer/producer/turntablist, Jacob Cook.
When the Re-Flesh remix project started in 2009 (holy shit?!), Jacob was one of the first people I approached. I knew when writing “Almost Pure” that I wanted Jacob to do a remix of it.
Unfortunately (even as keen as he was to do it), he was too busy on tour and with production-work & with family.

Jacob and I met around 1999 when he filled in on drums for an Adam Pringle Band gig. We hit it off immediately, discovering we both were into all styles of music, especially metal, trip-hop/down-tempo and turntablism/hip-hop.
Not long after he joined APB, he gave me a tape of a bunch trip-hop/down-tempo songs he’d made.
These tracks blew me away! The first song, tentatively-titled “Bartók” was a masterpiece, with it’s hypnotic Bartók sample, deep bass-rhodes lines, and bizarre golf-instructional-record samples and scratches.
The tracks that followed were also all unique – mixing trip-hop, illbient & hip-hop/turntablism with elements of eletcronica, children’s music and even rock; and pretty-much each track had a memorable hook/theme to it – one thing Jacob is really good at (his compositions in APB and songs he wrote for R&B artist Vassy are strong examples of this).
Seriously, some of the best trip-hop/down-tempo I’ve heard.

Jacob Cook (aka BrokN)

Unfortunately Jacob never released these tracks I speak of.
But around 2008 he did release an EP on vinyl, under his moniker (since 2000) of BrokN, entitled “The Purge Vol.1″.
This release was quite different to the demos, but still great and featured MCs, Tuka, 13th Son & Radical Son.

The Purge Vol. 1

Back to my track; When Jake said he wasn’t available, I asked him to send me some samples he’s used over the years. They were mainly drums hits etc.
I then programmed some beats, using the samples, into grooves I thought were similar to that of his early demo material – playing close attention to how ‘Bartók’ sounded. This lead me to then sample the same Bartók sample as well. Next I added various experimental-classical samples, and triggered them so various notes from the original “Almost Pure” parts.
By chance, I stumbled upon some recordings that Jacob & I did circa 2000 of beat-juggling on our decks, when we’d first got them. One beat fit near perfect to the tempo, so I threw that in too.
Last was to get his same bass sound that was on these demos. He’d used a bass-rhodes on some of them, so I dug around my libraries and online sample sites and found some. Finally was to add that cassette-tape-hiss that was on his early demos, due to the various sampling, re-sampling and tape-dubbing techniques he’d do (he made all these demos on a MPC too, no computer involved!).
I think I got close to something Jacob might have made….
Check out the link to his stuff to hear his some tracks from “The Purge”.
- Andrew Mortensen, December 2014

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