AM FREQUENCIES featuring MOZ TRONIQUZ – ‘Weathermen’s Crow Museum’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 7"]

AM Frequencies is one of the music outlets of Andrew Mortensen.
AM Frequencies has covered many genres including noise, experimental, dub, rock, ambient, film music, hip-hop, metal and electronica.
This track is one of a number of self-’reversionings’ that are part of the “Re-Fleshed Project”.

Moz Troniquz


Morgan Murphy is a vocalist and composer/performer currently based in Sydney. She has dabbled in many genres including rock, metal, pop, folk, jazz and experimental. This track is her second collaboration with AM Frequencies.

13 – AM Frequencies featuring Moz Troniquz – ‘Weathermen’s Crow Museum’

the original song from ‘Fleisch’

13. AM FREQUENCIES featuring MOZ TRONIQUZ – Weathermen’s Crow Museum
Produced, performed and arranged by Andrew Mortensen.
Vocal melodies written/performed/arranged by Morgan Murphy.
Recorded at AM Frequencies between April 2012 & May 2014.
Morgan vocals recorded at June 2013.
Mixed May 2014 at AM Frequencies by Andrew Mortensen.
© 2014 Andrew Mortensen

When I came up with this initial re-versioning I had been listening to a lot of (obviously) Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.
I wanted to create something beautiful and innocent (toy piano & cello), then for it to get ugly & disgusting (ugly vocals, heavy guitars, junk percussion). I think I got that vibe in the track.
I did a lot of experimenting with different guitar and bass tones until it was just what I was after. I also did a lot of experimenting with different drum and percussion sounds.
Once the music was all done, I knew it needed vocals, but didn’t know how to approach it as I suck at writing lyrics.
I wanted it to be nonsensical, so I randomly put various sentences together that I’d found when looking up “nihilistic poems”.
I also took some segments from Ted Hughes poem “Crow”… as that is some really bleak shit!
The vocals were done in one take, because I suck at that too.
I knew from the start I wanted female vocals on this, to follow my idea of being akin to SGM, and first person I thought of was Morgan, as I knew she’d be perfect for it and add some really great ideas.
The multi-layered vocals she did and some weird sounds etc really added to the song.
I’m really happy with how the track turned out, and I think it’s a great way to finish Volume 7 off.
- Andrew Mortensen, July 2014

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