SCUM-JERKS INC. – ‘Seeds of shRed’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 7"]

Scum-Jerks Inc.
Morts & Dawesy.
Two jerks, making ‘music’.

12 – Scum-Jerks Inc. – ‘Seeds of shRed’

the original song from ‘Fleisch’

12. SCUM-JERKS INC. – Seeds of shRed
Produced, performed and arranged by Andrew Mortensen with Simon Dawes. All guitars written/performed by Simon Dawes.
Recorded at AM Frequencies between October 2013 & December 2013 and Dawesy’s, January 2014.
Mixed May 2014 at AM Frequencies by Andrew Mortensen.
© 2014 Andrew Mortensen / Simon Dawes

At the time this track was conceived, I’d been listening to a fair bit of Jungle Drum ‘n’ bass. I’d also been listening to Derek Bailey‘s collaboration with jungle artist, DJ Ninj – “Guitar, Drum N Bass” as well as Buckethead‘s “The Day Of The Robot” which is heavily Drum N Bass influenced (Ninj is also involved on that recording too).

Derek Bailey & DJ Ninj -
"Guitar, Drum N Bass" (AVANT, 1996)

I then created a noisy jungle-drum n bass version of “Seeds…” and asked Dawesy to just go silly over it one day when he was over recording some other stuff for me.

Simon Dawes

Later down the track, when the Re-Fleshed project finishes up, I’ll make the guitars only from this track available.
As stated before on blurb for this track, He’s a great player and always up for giving lessons: contact him via here or you can catch him playing in Triangle, or later in the year playing NICEFEST in his project (as leader, debuting some insane compositions) The CheggyDawe Experience.

- Andrew Mortensen, May 2014

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