AM FREQUENCIES – 89 Burr Oak Road (Suspicion)

AM Frequencies is one of the music outlets of Andrew Mortensen.
AM Frequencies has covered many genres including noise, experimental, dub, rock, ambient, film music, hip-hop, metal and electronica.
This track is one of a number of self-remixes that are part of the “Re-Fleshed Project”.

09 – AM Frequencies – ’89 Burr Oak Road (Suspicion)’


the original song from ‘Fleisch’

09. AM FREQUENCIES – 89 Burr Oak Road (Suspicion)
Performed, produced, recorded, & mixed at AM Frequencies between January 2012 and September 2013 by Andrew Mortensen.
© 2014 Andrew Mortensen

With this track I was after creating a 1980′s horror soundtrack type vibe. I’d been watching some cheesy late 70′s and 80′s horror films and got the idea from that. It turned out pretty creepy…
- Andrew Mortensen, March 2014

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