INVADER – ‘Sweet Taste of Victory’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 7"]

Invader is one of the latest projects of Andrew Mortensen.
The project was an avenue for Andrew to explore some metal based compositions that didn’t fit into other projects.
The project takes influences from Devin Townsend projects, Meshuggah, Animals As Leaders, Trey Azagthoth (Morbid Angel) and Frank Zappa.

The name was originally inspired by the animation Invader Zim.

Now the project includes the involvement guitarist/composer Simon Dawes, with the hope to do some joint-composing.
Andrew hopes some day in the future to have an album’s worth of material and maybe even have the chance to play it live with a full-band.

08 – Invader – ‘Sweet Taste of Victory’

the original song from ‘Fleisch’

08. INVADER – Sweet Taste of Victory
Produced, performed and arranged by Andrew Mortensen with Simon Dawes
Recorded at AM Frequencies between May 2011 & September 2013 and Dawesy’s, April 2013
Mixed December 2013 at AM Frequencies.
Thanks to Simon Dawes and Simon Grove
© 2014 Andrew Mortensen

Another one that sort of came together by accident. I was originally mucking around with some heavy guitar ideas when I opened the session for “Sweet Taste…” and played along to the A section.
I spent quite some time turning the song into a version for Invader. After I’d completed it, it still was missing something. I then asked Simon Grove (bassist from tech-metal band The Helix Nebula) if he’d do a guitar solo on the song (he’s also a great guitarist). He was up for it & began work on it. After a bit of time, Simon had to decline to continue with the track, as he was becoming busy at his studio.

I then mentioned the song & need for a guitar solo to Simon Dawes and asked if he’d like to do it. I sent him the solo section & he came back with a crazy solo.

Simon Dawes

A short time later, Dawesy mentioned he’d like to do some clean ‘bluesy’ soloing at the end of the track. He said he had some ‘Bladerunner score’ (Vangelis) type ideas he wanted to try. So he came over & we recorded all these guitar ambient guitar type things, aiming for a sort of ‘space-music-box’ vibe.

Here, I’ve made that end guitar section available on it’s own, as it’s cool.
Check it out here:

He’s a killer player, with great ideas and knows his shit. If you want lessons, get them off him – contact him via here
He’ll be appearing on many more Am Frequencies (and related) tracks in the future and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for these.

- Andrew Mortensen, February 2014

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