JARROD ELVIN – VIDEO: Human Resources (Peak Body Mix) ["Re-fleshed - Volume 6"]

To kick off Volume 6 we’ve got something different.

Jarrod Elvin’s ‘MickMacks’

Jarrod Elvin is the owner and creator of MickMacks, a local independent business, that produces Meatbucket; uniquely alternative comics, animation, films and other art; combining traditional hand-drawn foundations with digital colours and effects – all for a certain twisted taste of imagination!
Jarrod is the founder and sole trader of MickMacks, as well as the lead artist and writer (or KING as he likes to say.)

Jarrod has a collection of fully illustrated published books, graphics novels and comic magazine issues; DVDs of his short films and animations; as well as a vast selection of still art and an ever-growing online presence, covering multiple social networks and galleries.
His website www.mick-macks.com is regularly updated by Jarrod and contains links to all the latest releases from the Meatbucket studio. Jarrod regularly attends local and interstate comic conventions with a MickMacks stall, often in costume as one of his own characters. In 2011 an exhibition of Jarrod’s still art was held at a gallery in the heart of Melbourne CBD. Jarrod has worked as a professional digital compositor for feature film, advertising and video-game cut scenes, as well as doing some freelance film clips for local and interstate bands.

Jarrod holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Animation from Griffith University and the Queensland College of Art, 2 Certificate IVs in advanced computer animation from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, ACT, and a Certificate IV in small business management from RMIT NEIS.

In recent years, Jarrod has been collaborating with musicians, most prominently with composer Nick Soole. The two teamed up and have done a few visual and music things together. Jarrod was asked to do the artwork for sci-fi rock band Slimey Things
Quantum Reality TV album.
He also made a video to go with one of the tracks from the album – you can view that HERE.

But probably one of the most ambitious musical collaborations, was Jarrod’s involvement in the “Still Scores” project for The Bird’s Robe Collaboration Band.
Sydney record label Bird’s Robe Records will often put together an ‘all-star’ group consisting of members from their roster. For “Still Scores” Nick Soole produced/led the project basing the musical ideas upon a series of illustrations by Jarrod.
The outcome is some amazing artwork, with amazing music that compliments it PERFECTLY!!

The Bird's Robe Collaboration Band - Still Scores

"My Favourite Colours" ~ by Jarrrod Elvin

watch the film clip below

JARROD ELVIN – Nick Soole’s ‘Human Resources’ (Peak Body Mix)

JARROD ELVIN – Nick Soole’s ‘Human Resources’ (Peak Body Mix)
Directed & created by Jarrod Elvin at MickMacks HQ, 2012
Music from Re-Fleshed Volume 1
Produced, performed and arranged by Nick Soole.
Recorded at Gamma-Ray Gun Productions 6/09.
Original music by Andrew Mortensen.
© 2009 Gamma-Ray Gun Productions / Andrew Mortensen
© 2012 Jarrod Elvin / MickMacks

About the video;
Firstly it’s open to interpretation. One could say it’s a metaphor about the effects on society that happens when a new element is introduced, industry/technology/money/drugs/alcohol/smoking/etc. The polyps represent humans, at first all singing together in harmony, then when the element is introduced, they exist in a discordant belligerent manner, having fun and enjoying themselves without caution in the light of this new element, which winds up killing them all in the end.
When I first heard the song, the film clip in it’s entirety sprang straight into my head, clear and picture-perfect, exactly as the film clip came out. I’m not exactly sure what the song itself means, but I couldn’t picture any other visual interpretation, this one was just too strong. But it’s also just a bit of fun, I enjoy the juxtaposition of cuteness mixed with grossness and creepiness.
Jarrod Elvin, Decemeber 2012

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