ANDREW MORTENSEN – ‘Ignotum Tempestate’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 5"]

Who is this guy?

If you’re looking at this page, chances are you probably know me & who I am.
I’m the guy behind this whole
AM Frequencies
thing and the remix project.
I started out playing clarinet as a child, then moving to bass as a teenager. Not long after that I began experimenting with turntables, tapes, sampling and broken electronics, touching on my favourite musical genres including metal, film music, dub, hip-hop, jazz, funk & experimental.

When not at home making noise, I’m playing bass in Serious Beak.
I’ve also been a member of Slimey Things, Leroy, and some other projects.

12 – Andrew Mortensen – ‘Ignotum Tempestate’

the original song from ‘Fleisch’

12. ANDREW MORTENSEN – Ignotum Tempestate
Produced, performed and arranged by Andrew Mortensen.
Recorded at AM Frequencies October 2011 – January 2012.
© 2012 Andrew Mortensen

I’ve always been a fan of film music & scores, but after my close friend and long-time musical cohort, Nick Soole, re-located to the USA to pursue his passion for films & TV scoring, I began to immerse myself in a lot of film music.
This reworking, like many of my self-reworks/remixes, started by accident while experimenting with different instruments playing riffs and parts from the original song.

From the very beginning of working on this track, I intended it to be a homage to
Jerry Goldsmith‘s score (and rejected score) for Alien – using similar ideas, instrumentation and effects that he used in his scores.
Also around the time of working on this, I re-watched (one of my all-time favourites) the entire Alien series, as well as seeing Prometheus at the cinema. Those movies have such a great visual element, I find them to trigger musical ideas every time I see them.

Jerry Goldsmith - "Alien"

I wanted to create the suspenseful atmosphere, like say in the Alien movies where a character will experience their first encounter with an egg nest, or something that is completely unknown and foreign to them.

I feel my track could be the score to the following imaginary scene:

i. Explorers combing an alien planet landscape/travelling through space to unknown planets [0'01" - 2'30"]

Similar image idea " i "







Similar image idea " i "




ii. Explorer discovers egg nest and/or unknown paraphernalia [2'31" - 5'00"]

Similar image idea " ii "









iii. An Alien arises from the dark, a suspenseful chase occurs with a result in either an escape or death [5'01" - end]

Similar image idea " iii "










I’m very happy with how it turned out and special thanks must go to Nick Soole for his advice, inspiration & support.
- Andrew Mortensen, August 2012

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