INVADER – ‘Legion of Ellosis’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 5"]

Invader is one of the latest projects of Andrew Mortensen.

The project was an avenue for Andrew to explore some metal based compositions that didn’t fit into other projects.
The project takes influences from
Devin Townsend projects, Meshuggah, Animals As Leaders,
Trey Azagthoth (Morbid Angel) and Frank Zappa.

The project came to life when Andrew was going through some old composition archives and found some compositions for Adam Pringle Band that really didn’t suit that project.
Also at this time, he had begun work on two reworks for the “Re-Fleshed” project and contacted CJ Highley and Nick Soole to be involved.
Both musicians had to pull out due to other priorities & projects.

The name was originally inspired by the animation Invader Zim.

Now the project is looking to include the involvement of vocalist/composer Morgan Murphy (Moz Troniquz) and possibly guitarist/composer Simon Dawes as well as
Five Star Prison Cell drummer, Marc Whitworth.

A few more tracks under the Invader banner will appear on future Re-Fleshed volumes.

10 – Invader – ‘Legion of Ellosis’

the original song from ‘Fleisch’

Silly guy

10. INVADER – Legion of Ellosis
Produced, performed and arranged by Andrew Mortensen.
Recorded at AM Frequencies between January 2010 – May 2011.
Mixed November 2011
Thanks Nick Soole, Zim and Moz
© 2012 Andrew Mortensen

The original song, “Legionellosis” was actually written not long after I joined Slimey Things. When I joined, I was unaware that only Nick wrote all the music for Slimeys, so I put this song in my archives. When working on “Fleisch” in 2008, I thought it would be good to reopen, rework it and include in the album.
In 2010, I decided to re-work the version on “Fleisch” in a progressive-metal style and see how it would turn out. I was surprised how well it worked and also the great feedback I received, for some very rough demo versions of the track from musicians I highly respect.
I’m looking forward to doing more tracks under the ‘Invader’ title.

- Andrew Mortensen, June 2012

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