ADAM PRINGLE BAND – “1 to 8 (10 Year Anniversary Edition)”

ADAM PRINGLE BAND – “1 to 8 (10 Year Anniversary Edition)”

In 1997, at the age of 18, Sydney guitarist Adam Pringle hit the Sydney blues scene with quite an impact.
He then put together an outfit consisting of bassist and high-school friend Andrew Mortensen, and drummer Jacob Cook.
Shortly after the formation, Jacob recommended the addition of long-time collaborator and close friend, Justin ‘Jud’ Dowling.
Jud played an assortment of different instruments, but primarily focused on tenor sax and congas. Jud also had a keen interest in music recording/production.

APB live at the Iguana Bar circa 2003

After working the Sydney blues circuit for a few years and playing blues classics, as well as less-known blues covers, the band decided to have a go at writing originals.
What developed from writing & jam sessions, as well as solo demos, was an interesting mix of genres. With the members having their roots and passions in many styles including funk, jazz, metal, hip-hop, world music, electronica and experimental; the compositions had quite a unique style – not something fans would expect to hear in the blues scene.

In 2001 the guys headed into Mainland studios, which Jud had just set up.
It was around this time they also crossed paths with keyboard sensation, Jeremy Craib.
Jeremy began to join the band live for many shows, and played on a handful of tracks.

Adam recording the album - 2001

Over a period of about a year, the guys recorded their debut album.
It took so long due to Mainland Studios being relocated twice.

The album was completed and launched in the winter of 2002 at the Empire Hotel, to a packed house. With Jacob on turntables for a number of tracks, long-time friend
George Brugmans took on the drum kit duties.

The album received good reviews (SMH, Drum Media, FBi Radio), and also gained the attention from those outside of the general blues scene.
The album incorporated elements which had not been heard in the blues genre, most prominently the use of the turntable and scratching technique.
It was at this time Jacob begun working in the hip-hop and R&B scene with acts such as The Pedestrians (featuring members of Metabass’n'Breath, Gauche and Inga Liljeström’s band), R&B/Neo-soul artist Vassy and also Deni Hines, as both a turntablist and producer/writer.

A few years after releasing and performing the album around town, the members decided to slow things down and eventually disbanded, mostly due to other commitments.
Adam formed (along with Jacob) a new funk project called The Redbeans and began to gig heavily with this act. Jacob was also becoming extremely busy with Vassy and her success after the release of her debut album. Andrew had just joined sci-fi rock band Slimey Things and needed to focus on that. Jud was becoming quite busy with requests for his recording & mixing services.

In June 2008, the band had a one-off reunion gig when they were requested to play the Darling Harbour Jazz Festival.

With it being 10 years since the release of the album, AM Frequencies has decided to make the album available in digital format for those who missed out on a hard copy when it was originally released.
Included as a bonus for those who already own the CD, are a number additional tracks that include original composer demos, as well as live versions, alternate versions and some never heard tracks & remixes.

The album can be downloaded HERE

Adam Pringle currently has a residency at The Sandringham Hotel every Tuesday night. You can catch him here with a number of special guests each week, playing an assortment of blues, funk, soul tracks.

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