STUDIO TANN featuring ALPHAMAMA – ‘Ashes’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 5"]

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Studio Tann is a product of the devolution of man to the point where the only light the skin tone gets is from the bright lights of a computer screen in a home studio environment.
That said a unique form of devolved music is created in this bleak circumstance. Studio Tann protects his extra pale condition by only venturing out after the sun is securely buried in the horizon. With the night life at his mercy he then reeks havoc with his twisted beats and subsonic tones.

Alphamama, aka Anita Meiruntu, is one of Sydney’s most versatile and reliable entertainers. Her experience in the live music scene extends from pop, soul & funk to world music and hip-hop, all delivered with an authentic knowledge and love for the genres.
She is a producer, arranger, musician, stylist, hair/make-up artist, promoter, booking agent and manager packaged in a hot one-woman dynamo!
Her charismatic stage presence along with her ability to connect with people has established her reputation as a formidable performer and entertainer. Well-respected and valued among her peers, she is an influential personality in the Australian soul, funk and hip-hop music scene.
Fluent in English and Indonesian (bahasa), Alphamama maintains strong ties to her Asian heritage, as can be heard in this track.

*** Watch this space for info on her album launch, or check her website for more info. ***

01 – Studio Tann featuring Alphamama – ‘Ashes’

the original song from ‘Fleisch’

Tim and Anita working on the track

01. STUDIO TANN featuring ALPHAMAMA – ‘Ashes’
Produced, arranged & performed by Tim Hagan and Anita Meiruntu
Lyrics written and performed by Anita Meiruntu
Recorded & mixed at West Labz Sound, between October 2010 and December 2011
Original music by Andrew Mortensen
© 2012 Alphamama (Anita Meiruntu) & Tim Hagan (Studio Tann) / Andrew Mortensen

“Ashes was inspired by an article I read in an Indonesian newspaper about Islamic leaders lobbying to ban magazines such as playboy etc in Indonesia but in the meantime they had been marrying multiple girls at age 11, 12 and 13. I was so appalled I had to rant about it. Basically it’s my reaction to what I read and trying to get the message across that religion should not be an excuse for bad behaviour. That fanaticism can make you lose touch with what’s real and that God’s not gonna save you from yourself.” - Anita Meiruntu, January 2012

“Alphamama delivers hard-hitting conscious lyrics in both Bahasa & English.”
- Studio Tann, January 2012

“This track is an interesting one. Ever since I started the remix project I wanted my friend Anita, who I’ve gigged with for years, to be involved. Anita is a real performer and as a side-man/rhythm section member, I witness her just command the band and you always know where you’re going with her leading.
When she started performing under the moniker of ‘Alphamama’, and then hearing some demos that were being done with Tim Hagan (aka DJ Jonah / Studio Tann) of Westlabz Productions, I knew she’d be great for the project!
This track is actually a remix of a remix.
I had made some remix ideas for Anita to do vocals on as a “AM Frequencies feat Alphamama”, but when she heard it, she suggested giving the remix to Tim to be re-remixed and made into a Studio Tann track. I was all for it as I love what Tim does and have huge respect for him as a producer & musician.
The original remix will most likely be available on the final remix Volume, or maybe on ‘De-Fleshed’ which will be a compilation of alternative mixes and out takes from ‘Fleisch’ and the ‘Re-Fleshed’ series.” - Andrew Mortensen, January 2012

Alphamama photos by Aileenette Almazan
Alphamama photo project (2009-2010)
Alphamama 2012 photo by Nina Claire, Styling by Angela White
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