‘Re-fleshed: Volume 5′ – about to begin release

The remix project is still going but due to various other projects and participants schedules, there is no definite track listing for ‘Volume 5′.

Keep watching this space to see the Volume 5 tracks uploaded as they are completed by the people involved. So far there’s some interesting ones due to be completed soon!

Definite tracks from Studio Tann featuring Alphamama, AM Frequencies, Invader,
Jerry Craib, Rob Cornish, Moz Troniques, Death Valley Burial Ground, Death Breath,
The Ghost of John Cage, Spine and Andrew Mortensen with possible tracks from: Suburban Dark, Thomas Kilroy, Ehsan Paksima, Jules Ambrosine, Todd Jacobs,
Matt Roberts, Dyke Destroyer, Anklepants, Comatone & Miss Chloe.

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