JOHNNY GRÜBER – ‘Samen der Roten’ ["Re-fleshed - Volume 4"]

Johnny Grüber is a composer/performer based in Hamburg, Germany.
He first appeared in 1979, when he made his debut album entitled “Dracula’s Wood” which consisted of Mediaeval songs played on the Moog and other vintage synthesisers.
Johnny retired from music in about 1994 due to illness.
He has only recently resurfaced after being tracked down by AM Frequencies, being asked to contribute to the Re-Fleshed project.

08 – Johnny Grüber – ‘Samen der Roten’


the original song from ‘Fleisch’

08. JOHNNY GRÜBER – ‘Samen der Roten’
Produced, performed and arranged by Johnny Grüber.
Recorded at Dracula’s Castle 2/11.
Original music by Andrew Mortensen.
© 2011 Johnny Grüber / Andrew Mortensen

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